Introducing DIY Balloon Kits November 10 2014

We are excited to bring a new category to our website, DIY balloon kits.


Kits will include all materials you need to complete a project, as shown plus a link to directions.  

Please allow an additional 2-3 days to process balloon kit orders as they are put together when the order is placed.   

DIY kits include a few additional materials in case of pops, but we cannot guarantee against bad valves in bubbles or foil balloons.  

Please read our blog post on quick fixes for damaged balloons so that you can try to salvage them for an event if necessary. 


These will vary from beginner to advanced level and each kit will give you a time estimation and let you know additional materials, not included in the kit that you may need for the project.  


Why would an advanced balloon artist or decorator be interested in one of our DIY kits?

Ever sell a project and need only 1 or 2 balloons of a color that you don't normally carry? Now you can purchase what you need instead of an entire bag of balloons. This will save both you and your customer money. 


Please find our collection of DIY projects and accessories here:


DIY projects are also listed on our Tumblr and Pinterest pages, don't forget to find and follow us for our latest offerings.