16" Latex Light Up Balloon

$ 6.00

Light up Jumbo Latex!  The Sparkle Lites® system brightly lights 16 inch foot balloons wirelessly and with ease. The super bright light lasts for at least 24 hours so you can prep ahead of time.  Helium fill or air fill. 


This purchase includes one Jumbo 16" latex balloon in the color of your choice, a Sparkle Lites® Sparkle Base, Loop Adapter and 160Q. 


Lighter color latex balloons show light more easily than darker colored balloons. 



Press Loop Adapter tightly into the bottom of Sparkle Base. 

Thread 160Q through the loop of the Loop Adapter and tie off.

Turn on Sparkle Base and click switch to set at glow, slow blink or flash.

Open neck of balloon and drop Sparkle Base into balloon, holding onto the 160Q

Fill jumbo latex balloon with air, helium or combination of the two* until desired size. 

Holding the 160Q pull the Sparkle Base towards the neck of the inside of the balloon

Tie the balloon with the 160Q in the knot, this will hold the Sparkle Base in place facing up. 


*Please test float times if you do not use 100% helium or Hi-Float. 

Should float approximately 12 hours without Hi-Float - FLOAT TIMES DEPEND UPON CONDITIONS AND ARE NOT GUARANTEED

With practice, you may be able to turn the base on while in the inflated balloon. 

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