The foundation of the Sparkle Lites® system is the Sparkle Base.   Sparkle Base LED is available in white, pink, green, blue, red, orange and slow color changing. It is very bright for at least for 24 hours, but lasts much longer in all modes. Set to glow, slow blink or flash. Entire system is waterproof and can be submersed in water or gel beads. 

Sparkle Base can be used alone or with one of our accessories or fiber optic/acrylic heads.


Riser: lifts the fiber optic head and spreads the light.  Good for when using a base plus a head as it lets the base be placed lower in the vase so that the light spreads more evenly. 

Stem: acrylic stem snaps off at different heights. Picks into floral foam. Please purchase a stem if you intend to use the system in a floral bouquet. 

Loop adapter: snaps into the bottom of the base so that you can tie it to a bow, chair cover, centerpiece or hold the base in the neck of a balloon to use a 16" or 3 foot balloon light. 

Sticky adapter: snaps into the bottom of the base so that you can stick it to a gift, centerpiece or more.  Sticks to any dry surface. Will hold upside down.  Please check any paint before sticking to a wall. 

Powered by 2 replaceable batteries.