1. When will my order ship?  Orders generally ship within 1-2 business days and take 3-5 business days to arrive. 

2. Can I rush my order? YES, same day shipping is available. Please call Patrick at 219-365-2477 for same day shipping and expedited shipping options.  If you receive discounts, we can ship on your UPS, Fed Ex account. 

3. How long does standard shipping take? Most orders will be received within 5 business days from when the order is placed. 

4. Where are you located?  We are located in the greater Chicago area. 



Do you offer coupons? There are discount coupon codes located on the website.  Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for additional saving opportunities. 

Can I use more than one coupon? You may only use one coupon per order. 

I am a florist, event planner, decorator, store owner... do you offer wholesale discounts?  Yes. Please select the Wholesale Account tab at the top of the home page. Fill out the form and we will send you information on how to receive wholesale discounts after verifying your business. Please allow 24 hours. If you need to place an order right away, then please contact us at  info@partyproductsusa.com  or 219-365-2477.

Do you offer non-profit, fundraising and volume discounts? Yes. Please contact Patrick at info@partyproductsusa.com for tiered pricing schedule and custom label options. 




1. Can you replace the batteries in Party Dots® ? No.

2. Are Party Dots® waterproof? No, Party Dots are water resistant but not water proof. They function in rain, snow, and floral gel/water beads.  

3. Can I waterproof my Party Dots®? Yes, you can make them waterproof by following the instructions on the Waterproof Party Dot video. All the supplies you need are included when you choose the water proof option. 

4. Can Party Dots® be used as a balloon light? How long will they float? Yes, Party Dots  are one of the lightest balloon lights on the market. We recommend Party Dots for 11" and 12" balloons.  They will float 8-12 hours without Hi-Float, longer with. You must use 100% helium.

5. What surfaces do Party Dots® stick to? Party Dots will stick to any clean, dry surface. Please check painted walls to ensure it does not remove paint chips before sticking to a wall. Party Dots stick to include : Glass, cement, trees, bushes, plants, palm trees, metal, wood, carpet, walls, dry walll, plastic, paper, foil, mirrors, laminate, counter tops, tin, ceramic, windows, door frames, letterboxes, rocks, garage doors, fencing -wooden or metal, railings, balconies, canvas, Skin ( if not oily or sweaty ), leather, latex balloons, foil balloons, decorations, vinyl, stairs and many more clean and dry surfaces.

6. Are Party Dots® are non-toxic? Yes, but please contact medical authorities if a person or animal swallows a Party Dot. 

7. Do  Party Dots® get hot when the light is left on for a period of time? No, LED energy stays cool to the touch. 



1. Can I replace the batteries in Sparkle Ribbon®?. Yes, you may carefully replace with 2 x CR2032 batteries. 

2. How long is Sparkle Ribbon®?  One strand of Sparkle Ribbon LED is 3 feet with 5 feet of curling ribbon. Curling ribbon is attached to clip and can be easily removed. You may link the clip to battery for additional length.

3. Is Sparkle Ribbon® waterproof? No, but it is water resistant.

4. Can Sparkle Ribbon® be used as a balloon light?  Yes, it will float on 16 inch or larger balloon and "walk" on an 11" latex balloon. Float times vary but average 12 ours without Hi-Float and longer with. Please test foils. Simply attach the clip to the neck of the balloon and the weight will hang straight down the bottom. Please watch our how to videos and see pictures. Contact Alissa at sales@partyproductsllc.com with any questions. 

5. Does Sparkle Ribbon® meet California Balloon Law standards? Yes, the curling ribbon is plastic and will not conduct electricity. 

6. Does the Sparkle Ribbon®  get hot when the light is left on for a period of time? No, LED energy stays cool to the touch. 



1. How does the system work? The system begins with the base.  The base has two sides for attachment. The bottom accepts accessories such as the stem, sticky adaptor, and loop adaptor.  The top accepts interchangeable Fiber Optic Heads, risers and acrylics. 

2. Can I replace the batteries in a Sparkle Lites® base? Yes, you may carefully replace with 2 x CR2032 batteries. 

3.  Are fiber optic heads re-usable? Yes, they are reusable and interchangeable. 
4. Is the Sparkle Lites® System waterproof? Yes, all components are waterproof and can be submersed.
5. Does the Sparkle Lites® base get hot when the light is left on for a period of time? No, LED energy stays cool to the touch. 
6. Do Sparkle Lites® work as a balloon lite? Sparkle Bases are excellent balloon lights for jumbo sized 16 inch and 3 foot latex.  You must purchase the loop adapter to hold the base in place once inflated. Float time will vary but is 8-12 hours in a 16" latex without Hi-Float, longer with. Please watch our how to video and contact Alissa with additional questions at info@partyproductsusa.com
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