Balloon Lights 12" Latex

$ 12.00 $ 12.50

Includes 5 balloons and 5 lights- Party Dots.  Balloon Lights are 12" latex balloons with a Party Dot dropped inside.  Balloon Lights can be are air filled (do not float) or helium filled. Balloon Lights will float even in high altitudes with or without Hi-Float.   Please test float times, average float time without hi-float is 12 hours and with hi-float is 48 hours. Float times cannot be guaranteed.


Set to blink, glow or flash. Lasts over 24 plus hours in all modes.  

LED light will compliment balloon color.   Light colored balloons reflect more light than darker balloons. 

Excellent in dimmed light areas. 

Balloons are Qualatex balloons. Please refer to color chart to find color of the latex. 



Set Party Dot to blink, flash or glow

Stretch neck of balloon and drop Party Dot into balloon

Fill with air or helium (not included)- stop before starts to look like a "light bulb"


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Watch for How To Video Tutorial - coming soon! 


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