Blue LED Sparkle Walkers (1 count)

$ 6.00

Sparkle Walkers are beautiful balloon lights! The Sparkle Ribbon balloon light is a 3 foot LED strand. 12 inch latex balloons stand at waist high. This includes ONE PIECE OF BLUE SPARKLE RIBBON AND TWO LATEX BALLOONS IN THE COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE.


The switch will work as a weight, attach to a middle or bottom balloon in a balloon bouquet.

Line up on a head table with banner mount to hold in place 

Line a walkway (banner mount to hold in place)

On the dance floor

In a picture area for photos

A balloon with light that won't float away when a child let's go. 



Fill 12 inch latex balloon with 100% helium  (helium not included)

Clip Sparkle Ribbon® to the neck of the balloon

Set light to blink, flash or glow


Balloons will float for 12-14 hours with 100% helium in most altitudes.

Add 1/2 pump of Hi-Float and 100% helium for float times longer than 24 hours


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Watch for How To Video Tutorial - coming soon! 


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