Jumbo Latex Balloons

$ 100.00

Jumbo latex balloons are a beautiful addition to your decor. Their large size fills the room as an elegant wedding and shower centerpiece, grand openings, in jumbo bouquets, as a ceiling treatment or dressed as chandeliers, as a head table, gift table or sweets table, backdrop, for a photo shoot,  with fringe, or on top of columns.  More photos available, please stop in for a consultation.
  • Printed Jumbo 3ft Latex- $35

With fringe- $50

  • Jumbo Column Topper- $65
  • Tower Topper- $65
  • Custom 3ft Latex- Price Varies
  • Solid 3ft Latex- $30

With fringe- $50

  • Single Solid Balloon with fringe- $45
  • Sculpted Column with Jumbo Latex- $85

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