Light up Monogram or Age Vase

$ 15.00

Kit includes one 7.25 inch cylinder vase, one pack of clear gel beads (may be dyed) and Sparkle Base with Fiber Optic Head .  You choose the color type of custom vinyl cutout.  Snowflakes, numbers for an age, letters to spell out a name or a monogram  and send it via email.  This is an easy to put together, pretty centerpiece or display on candy buffet table or mantel.  Spell out a name!  Pretty and easy decor with an impact for your party.


Floral Gel must soak 24 hours before filling the vase.  Add food coloring to water prior to soaking. 

LED can be set to blink, glow or flash.  Lasts about 24 hours on glow.  Reusable - change the batteries.  

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