Sparkle Lites ® Twigs Fiber Optic Head (5 pack)

$ 9.99 $ 15.20

Sparkle Lites® Twigs are a beautiful addition to floral arrangements, crafts, and DIY projects. 

Heads fit onto Sparkle Lites® base, sold separately. Choose white or brown twig color and LED color to change up your look. 



6.5 inches  

3 branches 

Water proof, Submersible 


Realistic looking

Available in white or brown

Retail Ready 5 packs




Floral arrangements


DIY projects



Fiber Optic Twigs and the Sparkle Lites® base & Stem are sold separately & are sold in packs of 5. The Twigs have 3 branches per piece, the longest of which is 18cm long (7"), they are completely flexible & can be wound or bent or weaved throughout any decor piece or centerpiece. Change the look by putting on one of 6 LED Sparkle Lites bases (red, white, blue, pink, green, orange or color changing)  Light on base lasts brightly for at least 24 hours. Turn on the day before your event. Set to blink, glow or flash

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